Principal investigator

Erin D. Sheets (cv)

Current group members

Melissa Jarvi (graduate student, Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Hong Bok Lee (graduate student, Chemistry & Biochemistry [informally shared with Heikal])
Claire Baetzold (undergraduate student)
Krista Slavin (undergraduate student)
Adam Phan (undergraduate student)
Jessie Marshik (undergraduate student)
Gerald Sakamaki (undergraduate student)
Alex Naughton (undergraduate student)

Former group members (& where they went next)

at University of Minnesota
Rochelle Warner (MS, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Iowa State U Vet School)
Robb Welty (MS, Chemistry & Biochemistry [informally shared with Heikal]; Washington U Biophysics)
Jacob Stevens (graduate student, Integrated Biosciences; U Minnesota College of Pharmacy)
Megan Currie (MS, Chemistry & Biochemistry [informally shared with Heikal]; applying to PA school)
Hannah Leopold (MS, Chemistry & Biochemistry; instructor, U Minnesota Twin Cities Chemistry)
Jacob Schwarz (MS, Chemistry & Biochemistry; instructor, U Minnesota Twin Cities Chemistry)
Manuel Bangsil (undergraduate student; Creighton U Pharmacy)
Jamie Nosbisch (undergraduate student; NCSU Biomath)
Tong Ding (undergraduate student; U Minnesota Food Science)
Tyler Stevens (undergraduate student; U Minnesota College of Pharmacy)
Tyler Floden (undergraduate student; applying to medical school)
Sheila Paintsil (undergraduate student; working & applying to grad school)
Kaelt Simpson (undergraduate student; U Oregon Chemistry in the Polymer Science track of the Master’s Industrial Internship Program)
Nathan Korson (undergraduate student; Cornell U Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology)

at Penn State University
Minjoung Kyoung (PhD, Chemistry; postdoc with Axel Brunger & Steve Chu, Stanford School of Medicine & Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; currently Assistant Professor, U Maryland Baltimore County Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Kanika Vats (PhD, Chemistry; postdoc with Mark Dumont & Danielle Benoit, U Rochester; currently Senior Laboratory Engineer, U Rochester Biomedical Engineering)
Angel Davey (PhD, Chemistry; postdoc with Susan Pierce, National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases; currently Science Officer, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs)
Keith Krise (graduate student; PhD, Chemical Education; currently Assistant Professor, Gannon U Chemistry)
Kelly Stewart (undergraduate student; U Toronto Chemistry)
Maria Movefegh (undergraduate student, WISER program; Purdue U PULSe)
Caroline Monroe (undergraduate student, WISER program)
Courtney Gallen (undergraduate student, WISER program)
Elizabeth Harvie (undergraduate student, WISER program)
Ellen Keene (REU undergraduate student from Smith College Physics)
Hannah Lazarus (REU undergraduate student from U Illinois Chicago Bioengineering)
Jason Manuel (REU undergraduate student from Illinois Wesleyan U Physics)